Sunday, March 13, 2011

Forget-Me-Nots v2.0

Back in November I wrote the first installment of Forget Me Nots. The boys had just started talking more and saying some super cute things, and that has just continued, progressed and expanded 100 fold.

Here are some new ones:

** "Wot Ouch" - as in 'Wot Ouch, here I come!' Also used in this sentence by Owen 'OK Cars, wot ouch, Owen's comin' to peepee!'

** Improper use of the word 'be' - as in 'my feet be wet' 'my pants be wet' 'I be comin!'

** Flip Flops = fot bots

**Any time they are doing something exciting or new, they start yelling 'Wook a me, Wook a me!"

** When one wakes up before the other from a nap, which is pretty much every day, they will not talk above a whisper until the other one wakes up too. Not so much out of respect for the quiet, but because I think they really don't know how to act when the other one isn't around. Owen has actually stayed completely silent for over an hour just waiting for Eli to wake up!

** 'Inna' = I want to. 'Inna hugum' = I want to hug him (usually Garrett) 'Inna go getum' = I want to go get him (they've slept long enough already!)

** Almost anything that ends in 'er' gets translated into 'way.' Instead of 'shower,' they pronounce it 'showay' instead of 'tower' (like of blocks) it's 'toway'

** All colors are referred to in reference to the movie Cars. Anything red is 'red like red lightning' anything green is 'green like chick hicks.' They have started doing the same for orange (like Hot Rod), yellow (like Tex), blue (like blue chick or blue lightning) and black (like sheriff). When you ask what lollipop Eli wants, he says a red lightning lollipop.

** Red Lightning is still an indispensable item for Eli. He is basically never without him.

** Owen calls everything 'tiny tiny.' This is a big change from November when everything was 'reeeally big.' Owen calls all airplanes 'tiny tiny airplanes', the train tracks that he builds 'tiny tiny circles' and his ankle, just yesterday, was referred to as his 'tiny tiny knee.' That one was my favorite by far!

** They have a playlist of songs that they request every night at bedtime. The first is always We Three Kings, then Hark the Harold, then Angels We Have Heard on High. Silent Night, Twinkle Twinkle, ABCs, Jesus Loves Me, Jingle Bells and Deck the Halls. We need to branch out from Christmas carols! They can sing all of these songs almost in their entirety!

** On March 8th, Eli declared 'I wanna go pee,' took off his pants and diaper and never looked back. They are both doing great with the potty!!

There you have it, the second installment!