Wednesday, November 10, 2010


These little boys voices are saying the cutest things these days! I'm sure this is just a glimpse of what's to come, especially when it comes to them talking to each other.

Right now, as of 26 months old, here are a couple of my favorites...

** Both boys always say 'I don't know' when you ask them where something is, who someone is or what something is. Eli says it 'I doot know I doot knowt'. No, the T isn't a typo!

** When Owen leaves the room, Eli will call after him 'wait Owie, come back!'

** They both call each other Owie. Eli has called Owen 'Owie Boy' too, just like we do. They also call each other 'Ya ya', which I think is their variation of Eli.

** Owen's new thing is to say 'Hey Ma' 'Hey Da' when he comes up to us, like he's starting a conversation. He has started adding 'Dat Uuu?' The funny thing is that it's when he can see us! I was sitting on the couch talking on the phone and he was eating lunch behind me and he said 'Hey Ma, Dat Uuu?' Last night at Chik-fil-A the cow was walking around and he kept saying 'Hey Cow, Dat Uuu?' We have a see-through fire place that looks into the playroom. The boys will crouch on either side of the fireplace and Owen will say 'Hey Owie, Dat Uuu?' to Eli!

** Every time Charlie leaves, the boys think he's on an airplane.

** When you tell Eli to come with you, he'll run to catch up saying 'okokokok' or he'll count to himself to starting running - '8, 9, gogogo!'

** Owen loves to sing the Clean Up song. He gets the tune spot on, but it sounds more like 'Kee Nup' when he sings it.

** When Eli wants to go outside, he'll say 'Ki a big ball? Bye wide?' saying that he wants to kick a big ball and ride his bike.

** When emphasizing that something is really big, Eli will drop his voice really low and say 'beeeg' almost like he's growling the word. I think that makes it sound bigger to him : )

** Eli's new thing is to claim that everything is his. He'll change the way his voice sounds when he say 'my' to make it more high pitched and squeaky. For example, 'no my seat' 'my bike'.

** Owen loves to help in the kitchen. Anytime I'm cooking anything, he drags a chair over to the counter, goes in the utensil drawer, pulls out measuring spoons and asks about the eggs - even if we don't need any eggs. At least 10 times while preparing anything, he'll ask for a taste.

** They like to say whose turn it is 'Owie tuwn' 'Yaya tuwn', especially if you're doing something with one that the other wants to do. They love getting neckrides and will often say 'Owie tuwn up high!'

Just a glimpse into their word-filled world right now!


jenchak said...

that's so cute, beth! would love to see all three of those boys soon!

Blogless A.R. said...

These are precious!