Friday, March 11, 2011

The Stars Have Apparently Aligned!

[Disclaimer: The following post contains graphic language related to potty training. Stop reading if you don't want the details ; ) ]

A few weeks ago, while crying through my dinner, I decided to put off potty training until the summer. Eli was terrified of even sitting on the potty and Owen had more accidents than we have pairs of skivvies. I was spot cleaning our entire carpet while trying to nurse Garrett and keep my sanity. It just wasn't worth it. Afterall, they are only 2 1/2.

Somehow, miraculously, we are four days in to being completely potty trained. BOTH OF THEM! Eli woke up on Tuesday and said, "I wanna go potty." He took off his pjs, his diaper, sat on the potty and went. He's had maybe two accidents since then and has gone out twice with only skivvies on (including through the entire Ash Wednesday service at church!) As we were getting ready to leave, he kept saying "no diaper on, skivvies on." We went with it (terrified the whole time that he'd have an accident while with the nursery workers) but he stayed dry and made it all the way home dry! He has pooped for the last four days on the potty and all signs of trepidation are completely gone! Owen seemed pretty ready a few weeks ago, but all the accidents that he was having are now gone. I think the peer pressure to go together is really helping the situation go so smoothly.

They are wearing pull-ups for nap time and diapers at bedtime, but even this morning their diapers were significantly less wet. It's been like a light switch - Praise God! Maybe by the time our activities start back up after spring break next week I'll be fully confident in both of them leaving the house with only their skivvies on - and maybe 6-7 pairs in the diaper bag just in case : )

One more milestone just about under our belts!

(Owen left, Eli right)


Kelly said...

YAY!!! Goooo Owen and Eli! :) And, boys underwear is just soo totally cute! And what a cute pic of them! xoxo

Janet said...

You set the groundwork for them, Beth. Those unsuccessful days taught them the basics, and then they just had to become ready to implement the lessons. WooHoo!

t said...

That reminds me of a picture of Toni and I when we were potty training. When we pooed in the potty we each got a Whopper because we loved them. There's a photo of us squeezing each other with two Whoppers in a bowl in front of us.

I'm glad to hear it's starting to work out!

Blogless A.R. said...

I'm soooo glad to hear it! Your fam is one more example in the list I'm collecting of kids just knowing when they're ready. My nephew (at age 3) decided one day he was ready and that was it. One day. His older sister (age 7) was out of town that week and he was the only kid home--we all think that had something to do with it.

Hopefully your boys will be provide the friendly competition/companionship/encouragement to keep this up together!