Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Garrett - 7 Months

We're on the back-nine towards 1 year already! Garrett's 7th month was pretty eventful; he can now sit unattended, crawl all over the house, and he perfected his feet-mouth coordination! He's up to four different foods: apples, squash, bananas and green beans, all with oatmeal, and loves trying to eat Cheerios and puffs. Still no teeth for our little man, but they have got to be coming any day now with the amount that he's drooling and chewing on everything. His new thing is to grab my face with both hands and suck on my cheek. It's disgusting, except it's so darn cute (a sentence only a mom would understand!) : ) His bedtime is routinely before 7pm and he sleeps until around 7am. We're getting him down to two naps a day, but sometimes he still needs that last catnap to get him to bedtime. He's eating two solid meals a day now, which helps him keep up his muscle man figure (or is that marshmellow man figure?!) Unofficial weight right now is 20 pounds. He started saying dadadada and will sing it every time he's at his most content. He still loves being held, but he's getting used to the exersaucer more and likes having free range of the house too - especially with access to all of the boys' toys (puzzle pieces, cars and the magna doodle pen are his current favs).