Friday, February 11, 2011

An Update on Sully - Please Pray!

Sully was diagnosed on Wednesday with Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma, a highly malignant and rare soft tissue cancer that occurs in childhood. Though they put in a chemo port during the biopsy on Monday, originally they didn't think chemo would be an effective treatment and that radiation would be their only option. After considering the pros and cons of radiation and chemo, Jason and Kristie has decided to go with chemotherapy, which is starting this morning. Radiation would have caused severe side effects and they would not have been able to leave the hospital, not to mention that he would not be able to function as a normal little boy ever again. Though the chemo is a less aggressive treatment option, he will be able to go home and live life as a little boy for as long as the Lord allows.

The plan is to do 2 full rounds of chemo treatments lasting a total of six weeks and then to rescan Sully to see if the tumors have shrunk (or at least not grown) from his initial diagnosis. PLEASE PRAY that the chemo will be effective in shrinking these tumors! Pray for peace for Jason and Kristie as they watch Sully go through these treatments. Pray for quality time for their family. Pray for minimal side effects for Sully as he goes through these treatments. Above all, pray that God will miraculously free Sully's body of this cancer!

For more updates and information, go to Sully's Caring Bridge site.

Thank you for joining with so many others in praying for the health of Sully.