Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Praying for Sullivan

Sullivan Kessler is the two year old boy of Jason and Kristie. On Thursday they took him to the pediatrician because he was bumping into things and his pupils were dilated. They admitted him at Children's and found a mass in his nasal cavity that is pressing up against his optic nerve. When they brought him in, he wasn't seeing well, and not only a few days later, he has lost all vision. After more tests and scans, they found three more masses - in his trachea, his groin and his pancreas. He's on the oncology floor awaiting the results of the biopsy that they took yesterday of the mass in his nasal cavity. They put in a port for chemo while he was under anesthesia for the biopsy.

Please pray for a clear diagnosis for Sullivan; they should have the biopsy results tomorrow. Pray for healing and strength for him and his parents. Pray for wisdom for the doctors. Pray for comfort and a sense of peace for the family. Pray for a miracle.


Anonymous said...

We at Irving Bible Church are wrapping him in prayers.