Monday, January 31, 2011

Garrett - 6 Months

This has been a big month for Garrett! He started out the month in the jumper, which he quickly figured out and loves. He started solids this month with rice, which didn't go great, so we switched to oatmeal. Oatmeal and apples are his current favorite (even though that's all he's had - ha!) and he devours it. He learned how to roll from his back to his belly this month and just today he started army crawling! Six months and he's already crawling! He generally shoots for the boys' puzzle pieces and Cars cars, but I'm sure things like the remotes and wires will soon trump the toys.

Four Month Weight: 16 lb 14 oz (90%)
Six Month Weight: 18 lb 13 oz (75%)

Four Month Height: 25.5" (70%)
Six Month Height: 28" (90%)

His head is 44.5cm (70%)... plenty of room for a big brain : )


Kate said...

Go Garrett! Phoebe wants to crawl so bad she can't stand it. The older siblings seem to be a big motivation. Can't wait to hear how much he weighs!