Friday, April 01, 2011

Garrett - 8 Months

8 Months already?! Good grief!

Garrett's moving and crawling must be helping him slim down just a bit because his unofficial weigh-in was still 20 pounds, the same as his 7 month weigh-in. It's hard to say that he's not growing though since he has already outgrown most of his 9 month clothes (mostly in length). He's back to eating rice and oatmeal and seems to be doing better with the rice this time around. We added sweet potatoes, pears and peas this month, yo baby yogurt, and a couple finger foods (toasted bagel, large slice of pear, and a tator tot for good measure : )

He cut his two bottom teeth this month and has already figured out how to use them - yikes! True to form, on his monthly birthday, he achieved more milestones. On his 6 month birthday he started crawling; today he pulled himself up to stand in his crib (#1 to-do: drop the mattress!) and figured out how to go from laying/crawling to sitting. He is fast when it comes to crawling and will generally heave himself across the room crying if I walk away.

Garrett is an amazing little boy and we love him to pieces!