Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Charlie and I were able to take our 28 week picture a day early when I went to visit him in NY last night, so I added the traditional pose (remind me to wear my hair down next time!!) but I also uploaded a self taken view too. I think it's funny how baggy the red shirt looks in the 16 week picture and how it's actually too small at this point! I'm refusing to buy more maternity clothes though - my luck I would buy more that fit, take the tags off and go into labor!

And I almost forgot, check here for the 24 week comparison.

Does anyone know how to take a picture without using the flash that won't come out blurry? I would like to avoid the bright flash shine, but couldn't figure it out for this picture.


Anonymous said...

If you have a timer on the camera and a tripod (or a shelf or mantle or whatever), you should be able to use a longer shutter speed. But if you're holding the camera yourself, there will be blurriness with slower shutter speeds... :-/