Thursday, July 17, 2008

Days Without Charlie: 3

Wednesday was a great day - very busy and it ended with my dear friend, Ashley, coming in for a visit from Pittsburgh. The morning was filled with errands, which I had been putting off for fear of getting lost trying to find my way around, but I managed to do everything I needed to do easily and quickly, including:

  • Finding the library and taking out books on baby names and Rachael Ray's 30 minute meals
  • Going to the post office to mail a care package to my little sister who is at camp this week
  • Going to Walgreens to get the stuff to put in the care package including flavored Tootsie Rolls and Berry Mike and Ike's
  • Finding the new Goodwill and getting two super cute coordinating onesies for $1.98!
  • Grocery shopping for the things I need to start to stock up on frozen meals

After Ashley came we made dinner, went to the pool and watched PS I Love You - maybe the saddest movie ever created. On at least 7 different occassion I was in tears - probably because a) I'm overly hormonal at this point and b) I have a difficult time distinguishing movies from real life. In any case, it's a great movie that makes you appreciate your loved ones so much more.


suzannah said...

i remember driving to work (pregnant) one morning, and live's "lightening crashes" came on the radio, and i just starting crying!

you have such a cute belly, and i'm so glad everything was good at the hospital. i won't make it out to the shower, but we're so excited to see you in CT!

oh yeah, check out for free templates--the backgrounds for your blog. it was really easy to change, and i'm not a techie at all!

Ro-Mashka said...

you are not overly hormonal-- I cried entire time during that movie. like seriously, after 5 minutes into it.