Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Days Without Charlie: Still 1, Now 2

So it turns out that I was able to go to NY yesterday evening and have dinner with Charlie and stay over until this morning, so the count officially is back to 1 day, but I still made the most of my Monday and Tuesday, including:

  • Meeting Clarissa (the wife of another new hire) for lunch at Stew Leonards Monday, then we went to Starbucks - I think she and I are going to get along great!
  • Meeting Kristen and her 1 year old son Ethan for lunch at Panera today - another person I'm really glad that I met!
  • Continuing to categorize and sort through the pictures that I started on Sunday - we now have college for both of us, high school for both of us, all the trips we've taken since we've been married, early marriage life in our first apartment, Charlie's internship with MSA (the Safety Bug), and I'm about to get started on engagement through current pictures. All that's left is early family pictures!
  • Finally getting pictures developed from Mexico (last August!) - to give me a little credit, we had problems getting them developed before because they are professional pictures (even though we own the rights to the pictures), but this time, WalMart didn't mention anything so they are officially ours!
  • Finding recipes for blueberry ice cream and banana bread that I'm planning on making tomorrow
  • Taking the 28 week belly picture - stay tuned for that post!