Sunday, July 13, 2008

Days Without Charlie: 1

Charlie left this morning for a week long training event in NY and by the time he comes back to CT I'll be in PA for another week. It'll be 12 days before I see him again - the longest we've ever gone without seeing each other since we've been married! To keep myself busy, I thought I'd blog about what I'm doing while he's away.


  • Made peanut butter cookies, frozen grapes and sauteed spinach (the last one was more out of necessity than anything else, but I rather enjoyed it!)
  • Went to the pool and read the most recent Parenting magazine
  • Called the wife of another new hire who is alone for the week and made plans for lunch/swimming tomorrow
  • Watched Sweet Home Alabama and Wimbledon while organizing and categorizing three PACKED bins of photos
  • Talked to Susan (my pregnant friend from the pool) and made plans for tomorrow night

All in all it wasn't a bad day. Granted, it's just the first of many, but I have plenty of plans made so the time away from Charlie should hopefully go fairly quickly.