Saturday, July 12, 2008

"I See You Eyeing Up My Drink..."

"What do you have, one month to go?"

Those were the first two things that the guy at the restaurant sitting next to us said to me last night as a way of an icebreaker. Yes, I was eyeing up his drink, and yes, I do look like I only have one month to go, but it's going to be a lot longer of a haul than that! Anyway, we got to talking with the couple (Barbara and Jim) who we found out are just about our age and have two kids less than 15 months old. It was an easy conversation and we ended it after about half an hour by exchanging phone numbers and talking about getting together in the near future. Barbara is a stay at home mom, but also a teacher, so she might be going back to school in September, but we still have some time to take advantage of getting together. No one here is even close to taking the place of friends from home, but it's been really nice to meet some people we get make plans with.

Now back to eyeing up his drink... I ended up ordering a Guiness and Bourbon crusted steak with sour cream, chive and bacon mashed potatoes - it was delicious (and picture perfect, though we didn't have a camera with us to capture the moment). I love date nights!!