Friday, July 11, 2008


I saw the doctor for the first time here in CT yesterday and everything checked out great. I'm right on schedule to take my Glucose test (which I hear that twin pregnancies typically fail the first time around) and I'll have another ultrasound next week, which I always look forward to.

The crazy news was the growth from the last appointment! For anyone not familiar with these terms, fundal height is basically the arc of your belly and should basically correlate to the number of weeks pregnant you are. With twin pregnancies, you're expected to grow a little faster than with one baby (obviously!) but up until now, I had been measuring pretty normal. That is, until yesterday! At my 20 week appointment, I measured 21cm. At my 23 week appointment, I measured 27cm.

At my 27 week appointment... I measured 34cm! To put it into perspective, a friend that I just met at the pool, Susan, is 33 weeks pregnant with one baby and is also measuring 34cm - so at 6 weeks behind her, we're the same size!

Yikes - I have a feeling there's still a whole lotta growing left to do!!


Anonymous said...

Happy third trimester to you!