Thursday, July 10, 2008

Croquet Anyone?

On the first full day of vacation in Vermont, we found that the house where we stayed had its own croquet set and a fantastically flat and long backyard to go with it. When we came home from church, we decided to break out the set and play our first game - and then quickly realized that we all had coordinating outfits to go with the mallets and balls. We were quite the photo opportunity!

Shortly after the game started we realized that the orange mallet was all but cursed. It didn't matter who played with that club, the person was almost automatically 3-4 wickets behind the rest of the group. After the first day of coordinating outfits with mallets, it was a race to get outside and choose any color but orange!


Anonymous said...

How cute are you all?! Looks like a "wicket" good time!

(boo on my pun...)


Benjamin, Kelly, Madelyn, & Anderson said...

So cute!! And adorable baby bump :) xoxo

Becky said...

Is there a point when the bump becomes a blomp? There must be a different name for a belly with two growing, energetic boys! You look great, Beth!

By the way, never play croquet with Tim. Or any member of the Wainwright family. They're vicious.

Anonymous said...

Chris and I almost got a croquet set at the store yesterday, but then we realized we didn't have the nice, flat backyard to go along with it. But, we did buy horseshoes and I'm WAY better at croquet than I am at horseshoes. Bummer!