Sunday, July 06, 2008

When "Home Sweet Home"... Isn't

Charlie and I returned from our week long vacation in Vermont with his family last night. After we dropped his sister and her husband off at JFK and started driving back to Connecticut, we both realized that we were hit with this pseudo-depression about going home. Yes, it's always nice to go back to the place where you have all your stuff and can sleep in your own bed, but we both couldn't help but realize that, now that vacation is over, we're here in Connecticut for the next several months. Luckily we will both be in Pittsburgh in the next 2-3 weeks for the baby showers, but still... it didn't feel quite like home and we realized it before we even walked in the door.

The funniest thing about it is that we both decided that we'd rather come back to this townhouse than our house in Pittsburgh - but we'd rather that this townhouse be IN Pittsburgh. Because really, you might have your stuff with you, but Charlie and I have come to the conclusion that home is where your family and friends are... which isn't here yet. It'll happen, but it'll be an adjustment... and probably a slow one at that.

The good news is that we're almost 27 weeks along now and we'll get to meet our doctor this week since Charlie's insurance will kick in on Wednesday. I can't wait for another ultrasound to see how the little guys are doing! They've been moving like crazy lately and I would be surprised if they were both still head down, but we'll see soon enough!


Luke and Trisha said...

How was vacation? I need some pics! Missing you lots.

brice said...

I agree, you need to post some pictures. later