Sunday, November 10, 2013

Owen & Eli Turn(ed) FIVE (2 Months Ago!)

This post is a LONG time coming, but I couldn't let a milestone birthday like this go by without a photo collage ; ) 

From the minute we found out we were pregnant, and then multiplied by two when we knew you were twins, we have love you both more than we knew was possible. Your love, concern and attachment for each other is amazing to watch - you're inseparable and both thrive together. You just want to be near each other all the time - it's a bond that we are so thankful to witness.

The last five years have been so full of excitement, milestones, memories and love. From the sleepless nights to the milk comas, from the first toddling steps to the first comprehensible words. From the first belly laughs and games of tag to the times we spend telling you about Jesus and His love for you, we have loved it ALL! You are both so special to us and we love love love you!

Happy (belated) Birthday Big Boys!!