Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dylan: 12-14 Months

Oops! I'm feeling exceptionally bad that I just pulled a stereotypical 'he's the 4th child' move and forgot to update my blog with Dylan's birthday stats and milestones. Ugh, now so much has changed in the last two months that I'm sure I'll get things confused, but better late than never!

Dylan started cruising around the house using furniture and walking toys around 9 or 10 months but it wasn't until around 13 months that he officially started walking on his own. He's now a champ at sliding down the stairs, standing up without holding on to anything and changing directions. My favorite thing is how he doesn't even take a break on each step, he just lays his body at a 45 degree angle and slides the whole way down on his belly.

He had been back to sleeping like a champ, 7pm to 9:30am, but we knew that couldn't last long. Now he's back to sleeping 7ish-pm to 6:45ish-am. The bad news is that unless we give him motrin, tylenol or benedryl, he wakes up multiple times in the night. Not sure what that's about, but he's had a runny nose for a LONG time now, so maybe they're related.

I wonder if he *might* be getting over his milk allergy because he can tolerate things like mac and cheese and frozen yogurt, but I haven't tried him with cheese or milk lately and the almond milk is a big hit with him. I might give it a little longer. His favorite food right now is cheeseburgers. Healthy, I know : )

He's waving and pointing now, goes to bed every night holding two links and a paci, eats a banana and cereal every morning for breakfast, loves to lay his head on my shoulder when I pick him up and laughs at anything his brothers do. He and Garrett like to hold hands in the van and Garrett says to me all the time 'I love Dilly.' He has six teeth, is tall and skinny, still wears 12 month clothes and is just starting with separation anxiety.

He's amazing and we love him : )