Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dylan - 11 Months

The countdown is officially on! This past month was another great one with Dylan - he's so fast crawling around, cruises along everything, pulls up to stand and will let go for a few seconds and can keep pace with our walking toy too! We're having a little bit of trouble with food, I think, and it seems that he might have a bit of an intolerance to something, but we don't know what! Most nights this month he was sleeping from 7pm to sometimes 9am! Now we're having a bit of a regression and he's waking up hysterial once or twice a night. I think it has to be food related because he seems to be in pain when he wakes up. Hopefully we can figure this out soon and all get back to a full night sleep.

Dylan is unofficially around 21 pounds and wears mostly 12 month clothes (but can still fit in his 9 month things too). He's not picky at all with food and will eat anything you put in from of him. His favorites are graham crackers, town house crackers, cheese cubes, bananas and cheerios. He's still nursing three times a day (wake up, before nap and before bed) and will pop out his paci and start making kissy noises and smacking his lips when I hold him in a cradle hold.

Dylan thinks we are all the funniest people on Earth. The boys can get him giggling about the silliest things and all Charlie and I have to do is smile at him when we catch him looking at us and he breaks into a huge smile. The cutest thing he does right now is dance to the Hot Dog Dance on Mickey's Clubhouse. He rocks and waves his arms and bounces while standing up at the tv.

I have to admit that I'm a little sad that we're so close to the one year mark. It's hard to believe that our last baby is so rapidly moving out of the baby stage! Next up, Dylan's first birthday!