Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dylan - 10 Months

Hard to believe we're so rapidly approaching the one year mark with Dylan. He is so full of joy and laughter and continues to fill us up with the same. He loves to eat, snuggle and sit up in carts. He now has 6 teeth, pulls up to stand (and has let go a few times, but not consistently), sleeps for 13 hours straight at night, usually takes two naps but can survive on one, squeals with delight when he sees me or Charlie, puts everything in his mouth, still goes through multiple bibs a day, climbs the stairs any chance he gets and can't get the hang of a cup (which is making me a little nervous for the day when we stop nursing!). 

From his 9 month well visit, he weighed 18 lb 12 oz (35%) and was 29" long (75%). The day after we left his well visit with a clean bill of health he started getting pink eye symptoms. I waited another two days to see if it would clear up with the drops we had, but it kept getting worse. Turns out he had a double ear infection and a pink eye virus. Yuck! He's back on track now and back to sleeping, thank goodness.

We love you Dilly!