Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dylan - 2 Months

How is it possible that two months have already flown by since Dylan joined our family?! He fits right in and it already feels like he's always been here. He started smiling on purpose at 8 weeks, though Charlie can get him to smile way more frequently and consistently than I can - maybe Dylan just thinks he's funny looking ; )

At his two month well visit, he weighed in at 11lb 5oz and is now 22.5" long. He was born at 6lb 13oz and 21" long, so that's a pretty big growth spurt in two months. He got 3 shots and everything else checked out great. Dylan is still in newborn and 3 month sized clothes, a big difference from Garrett who only wore newborn clothes for 3 weeks. In the last couple days I quit waking him up for one last feed before I went to bed just to see how he'd do. The first night he slept from 7:15-3:30! The second night he slept from 8:45-4:15. I'll take it!

All three of the big boys love to help with Dylan - from putting in his paci to telling me when he's crying. They always want to know where he is when he's not downstairs with us and want to hold him more often too. Garrett will say 'no MY turn, MY baby!' when Owen or Eli are holding him.

Two months already, time is flying by! (As always, you can see plenty more picture here)