Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Garrett!

Dear Garrett,

How is it possible that you're two years old already?! It couldn't have been that long ago that we were waiting to meet you for the first time and to welcome you as the new baby brother in our family. You started out with slate blue eyes and dark brown hair and now you're our blond haired blue eyed boy.

These days you're holding your own as a big boy, keeping up with Owen and Eli in just about every way possible. You want to jump off the same height step as them, race around the house, stay up as late and play with all the same toys. Even when they do something that hurts you, you're still the first to give them a hug during the apology. You're been drinking from a cup and sitting at the table without a high chair for months now - much sooner than Owen or Eli did. You are quite the talker too, pointing out everything possible and asking for (or demanding!) whatever it is you want at the moment. You sing along with the Cat in the Hat songs, the ABCs and can count to three. You're such a great big brother to Dylan too, always giving me his boppy (paci) and petting him on the head as you walk past him.

You still suck your two middle fingers and usually hold your blankie with the other hand, rolling it into a point and holding it up to your nose. All we have to do is show you your blankie and you start sucking away! You still love to sleep too, though it's a toss up on whether you like sleeping or eating more. You're just about 30 pounds, only 3 pounds less than your brothers. You love Curious George and Wild Kratts, playing outside, getting the mail with Daddy and going anywhere in the car. You hate being left out of anything! You're great in the pool and pretty daring when it comes to jumping off the ledge into the water. You are a really great listener and are surprisingly good at following directions, but you're also a fantastic tantrum thrower. Everything is dramatic when it's not going your way, but you're able to pull yourself together pretty quickly at the threat of a timeout. 

Though I would love for you to stay cute, cuddly and two forever, I can't wait to see who you will grow up to be. You have so much passion and ambition already. You're competitive, funny, loving, forgiving and brave. I love watching you explore your world, imitate your brothers, grow and learn. I can't wait to see what this year will bring for you. We love you Garebear : )