Sunday, April 01, 2012

What!? It's APRIL!?

I'm pretty sure that I made a comment a couple days ago that I couldn't believe it was March 1 and that I was 25 weeks already. How is it possible that it's now APRIL 1 and I'm 30 weeks?! Whole months are just zooming by with no regard to the fact that they are going too fast!

Things are looking great with the baby, though I am certainly mentally done with being pregnant already... and I still might have 9 weeks to go! The hormones seem to be getting the better of me lately and I think my usually sane, rational and patient brain has taken a vacation to Crazytown. I think what gets me the most is not knowing when the big day will actually happen. It's one thing to have an induction date set, but it's another to let your brain spiral down in thinking that my water could break at any second and I won't be able to get a hold of Charlie to come rescue me from delivering this child by myself on the bathroom floor. I know, Crazytown! Believe me, I know how irrational it sounds - but it seems that I'm helpless to stop it : )

April is jam packed with OB and dentist appointments, Easter, a baby shower (!!), and the rest of the to-do list to get ready for this baby's arrival, so I know it's going to fly too.

I am thankful for the speed of time though, because I can't wait to meet this little boy, to introduce him to his brothers, to sleep on my stomach, and to eat the good sushi again. Come on little boy - don't make me wait until May 31 (but don't get any crazy ideas from your crazy mom about coming too early either!)