Thursday, March 15, 2012

Forget-Me-Nots: Garrett 19 months

This little boy wants to be a big boy in the worst way! He insists on doing everything possible just like Owen and Eli and tries so hard to keep up with them all day long. Here are some cute bits and pieces of Garrett these days:
  • He needs a spoon when he eats... anything. He runs to the drawer, opens it and tries to reach inside while saying 'poon poon' over and over. He loves bananas and wants to eat them all day long.
  • He collects lovies. He currently wants to sleep with both blue puppy blankies, the white puppy, a duck, a horse blankie and his regular blanket. The white puppy has a hole in its head right by it's ear that he sticks his finger into so he can play with the stuffing inside while sucking his fingers.
  • If you couldn't tell from the last bullet, puppies are his most favorite thing. Even when we see them at the park, he excitedly points them all out while woofing and saying 'pup!' over and over
  • He is fearless at the park and climbs all the same ladders and obstacles that Owen and Eli climb
  • He wants to drink milk all the time. He calls it 'nuk' and will stand at the refrigerator asking for it, or hold his cup above his head the second he drains it.
  • He is IN LOVE with Charlie. He'll walk through the house calling 'DAAA DAAAA!!' trying to find him, and squeals with excitement when he comes home from work, again calling out to him until Charlie comes over and addresses him specifically.
  • He is still a champion sleeper and prefers to have a morning and afternoon nap, and still goes to be before 7:30. If you just ask him to find his puppy blankie ('Pupapup'), he'll look around, locate him, start sucking his fingers and make his way upstairs to his room all by himself.
  • He loves taking baths. It's a word we have to spell around him already, because if he hears the word mentioned, he's already halfway up the stairs expecting Charlie to follow him to toss him in the tub.  When undressing for a bath, he strongly dislikes being barefoot on the tile bathroom floor and will stand on one foot or try to climb onto Charlie to get off of it.  After being dried off, he'll sprint across the tile floor to get to the "safety" of our bedroom carpet.  And most of the time, he's more cooperative than his older brothers when it comes to rinsing the shampoo out of his hair.
  • He sings the ABCs with no coherent letters, but with the melody spot on.
  • He wants to help in the kitchen any time I'm doing anything. He pushes a kitchen chair over to the counter and watches intently no matter what's going on
  • When Eli asks to watch Dino Dan, Garrett will echo the request yelling 'DIEDAN!' and climbing up on the couch
  • He loves going anywhere, I think because he loves wearing shoes. At the mention of leaving, he finds his shoes in the closet and sits on the bottom step with them, waiting for us to put them on him. He even holds up his feet
  • He wants to kiss me on the mouth (which I think is disgusting and won't let him do) and he bursts out giggling every time I turn my face away for him to kiss my cheek instead.
  • He's a snuggler and will follow me around holding onto my legs with one hand and his blankie with the other hand until I pick him up for a hug. If I'm not quick enough, he starts hitting my leg saying 'mommommommom' until I acknowledge him! 
I'm not even sure how it's possible that he's already 19 months old... and I really can't believe that pretty soon  he won't even be the baby anymore!