Friday, February 24, 2012

25 Weeks and Counting

I was 24 weeks last week and felt like I still had such a long way to go in this pregnancy. Now, only one week later at 25 weeks, it feels like the end will be here before I know it. If this pregnancy is anything like my pregnancy with Garrett, I will be having this baby in about 12 weeks. Also similar to Garrett though, I started contracting early, and they actually had to stop my contractions around 35 weeks. I just can't imagine being able to keep this 4th baby in longer than my 3rd, and the doctor doesn't think that will happen either. So in all likelihood, I have less than 12 weeks to go.

In the meantime we have a TON to do to get ready. We're moving our guest room downstairs into where the office currently is so all the kids can be upstairs together. Eventually Garrett and this baby will probably share, just not yet. All the baby stuff needs to be sorted and washed and assembled all over again. I always get antsy for home improvement projects when the weather turns. I just want to paint and update and spruce up... and nesting doesn't help the situation!

I think I want to paint another mural like I did for Garrett's room and sew him a baby blanket too. My big goal is to finish the alphabet with Owen and Eli. We are starting P next week, which means we have 11 letters left to finish in 12 weeks. Cutting it close!

I feel more panicky because I don't know how long or short I have left than I do about having four kids to care for! I'm a planner, and pregnancy doesn't sit well with that character trait. Live and learn... and let the countdown begin!