Sunday, January 29, 2012

Live and Learn, and Then Laugh it Off!

Did you know that a 90-minute time share presentation actually takes 3.5 HOURS?! We got there right on time for our 12:30 appointment and didn't walk out of there until a little after 4pm. I know that we can't complain too much - we signed up for it afterall - but still! We knew we weren't going to sign on the dotted line (obviously!), but there was just no speeding this guy up. He was hellbent on taking every second of his allotted time, not to mention an extra hour on top of that. Add the wait time in the beginning and the time waiting afterwards just to be given our gifts and bam! there goes Saturday afternoon.

It wasn't all bad though... here were my highlights in reverse order:

3. Getting 4 free tickets to one of the remaining Stars games
2. A free 2 day stay at Great Wolf Lodge (the whole reason we signed up in the first place)
and by far the #1 highlight of the day...

1. Seeing a 2 year old pee in the demo toilet of the demo vacation home that said 'Do Not Use!!!' all over it. That might have made my whole day brighter : )

We certainly won't be signing up for any of these presentations any time soon, but we're excited about our time together (for free!) at the Great Wolf Lodge and we're extra glad that's it's all behind us now.