Monday, January 23, 2012

Growth Spurts

Apparently we're all growing like weeds around here! Owen and Eli have catapulted into 4T clothes, Garrett has just jumped up into 2T and size 6 shoes (after only being in size 5s for a month!), and I have just entered the  'drastically underestimating how much clearance I need to fit my belly in tight spaces' phase. Am I wrong to get annoyed when people tell me that I don't even look pregnant? Seriously?! I've gained 20 pounds already and have to unbutton the top of my jeans just to sit down comfortably - do I always look like this!?

On top of all that, turning 31 has apparently made me grow in maturity as well! Just last week we wrote our will, I signed up for term life insurance and we planned out how to meet our financial goals for the whole year. All sorts of fun happening in the Fox household ; )


Stephanie said...

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