Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Good, The Bad, and the Random


  • I'm 20 weeks into this pregnancy and still feeling great
  • Our ultrasound Monday showed a perfect, healthy baby boy - every organ is functioning as it should and he's measuring right on track
  • Garrett is learning his animals and their sounds and blows us out of the water with his new vocabulary
  • Owen and Eli are officially nighttime potty trained! No more diapers or pull-ups for them at all : )
  • Our 10 year anniversary trip is coming up in less than 3 weeks - Colorado here we come!
  • Owen and Eli had their first dentist appointment yesterday and both need fillings in their front two teeth. Apparently a sippy cup, while preventing spills, is not actually all that great of an invention.
  • Garrett has entered the 'super whiney stage' - he knows that he wants and moans, cries or throws an all-out fit when he doesn't get it. Awesome.
  • Garrett wakes up coughing almost every night at 3am. He doesn't cough at all during the day, but the clear runny nose and lack of fever are making me think that it might be allergies. Who gets allergies in the winter?!
  • I made roasted cauliflower for dinner last night and we all loved it. I've hated cauliflower since I was a kid, but gave it a shot because of a picture on Pinterest. So glad I did!
  • I'm still looking for good ideas for my living room mantle now that the holidays are over. One of my 2012 goals is to make the house feel like a home rather than a rental property.
  • Another goal is to get through the alphabet with Owen and Eli before the baby is born. We have 16 letters left and only 20 weeks to go in the pregnancy (though probably less if my last two pregnancies have has taught us anything!) Better start combining some letters!
  • I'm turning 31 in four days - I love a good excuse to eat cake : )


Sena said...

Actually, I'm learning that it's quite common to have allergies here in the winter. A friend's son just went to the doctor and was diagnosed with allergies. He was having green snot every other day and a phlegmy cough. My friend said it's some sort of Cedar tree that causes winter allergies. Cedar Fever, she said it is called. Hope that helps!

Anna@FryeFamHappenings said...

In Texas, allergens get confused...bloom? don't bloom... :) Hope he gets relief soon!! Maybe he'll just grow out of it. And I am so with you on making our house feel like a home. My husband isn't too thrilled with my desire to buy all of a sudden, though!!