Saturday, April 14, 2012


This post should be titled 'Warning: Pregnancy Causes Death of Good Decision Making Skills,' but that's a little too long for my liking, even though it gets the point across : )

I was on a mission this morning. Even though Charlie was already signed up to help our Sunday school class with a workday, I wanted to get maternity pictures taken while I still have a belly to photograph. On a good day, this would have been a bad idea; this morning it was practically categorized as a ridiculously terrible idea. For one thing, Eli woke up at 6am wheezing and coughing. Enter: breathing treatment for him. Owen had the same cough yesterday and was pretty miserable, doing four breathing treatments over the course of the day, not eating much and his nose running like a faucet. Eli had all the same symptoms today. Who takes pictures under those conditions?! Garrett was the only one in good health, but I had to wake him up from his morning nap to leave, which he wasn't happy about at all. The second he saw the studio he burst into tears and that lasted through the whole session. If it was a picture with all of us, he fought to leave the room. If it was a picture with just me, he wanted me to hold him. Nightmare! We had to take a break every 30 seconds to wipe three runny noses and the photographer actually thought she needed to tell me that 'there were other customers waiting so we might not have time to wait for them to smile for the shot.' Oh! In that case, I'm sure they'll quit crying. They probably just didn't know there were others waiting. Duh.

Magically and miraculously, the photographer did get some amazing shots that I'm so excited about! It helped to bring my Pinterest ideas that I wanted her to capture and the boys knew that good smiles = a cookie with frosting from the food court. I have to admit, that cookie was just as much my motivation as theirs! By the end of the session I was practically sweating and my blood pressure was probably through the roof, but it was worth it. Ridiculously terrible decision aside, it was a success : )


Sena said...

Can't wait to see the pictures!