Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chunky Monkey

I took Garrett to the doctor this morning for his first well visit since he left the hospital. He was born at 7lb 14oz and weighed in at 9lbs this morning. He's also already gained 1.5" in length and around his head! His due date was officially yesterday... I'm just glad that I didn't have to labor through and deliver Garrett at his current size! I know that the boys were born earlier and smaller than Garrett, so it's a silly comparison, but Eli didn't hit 9 pounds until he was almost 3 months old... not just shy of 3 weeks old!

Everything is looking great though! No thrush (thank heavens!), good reflexes, round and symmetrical head shape (Charlie will be glad to hear that one!) and they pulled off his cord which was hanging by a thread. Yay for being able to give him a real bath finally!

We're loving having a newborn around again and loving how much easier it is to only have one instead of two! He's sleeping for 5-6 hour spans of time at night and is (so far) extremely content during the day. Owen and Eli are getting much more adjusted to having him around, which means that he gets toys and pacis thrown at him and covered completely with blankets sometimes, but I think it's just their way of taking care of him. It's pretty adorable when they leave the room and say 'byebye mama byebye Get'. His next appointment is at two months - wonder how big he'll be by then!


Ashley said...

wow! he is getting so big already! Thanks for the update on the cord...phew! I don't know why, but that stressed me out. I figured since you hadn't called everything was ok. Geez oh man. I see and know way too much from work, seriously.

Janice said...

haha, Jake was nine polunds on his due date too...he was much easier to push out one month earlier:-)

You are ffeding him well, mama! Keep up the good work!