Monday, August 23, 2010

In Only One Week...

It's hard for me to think about the fact that in exactly one week from now, Owen and Eli will be two years old. Something about having two year olds makes me realize just how fast our time as parents is going and how little 'baby' is left in them. They are so independent these days, trying to say all kinds of new words, developing their rebellious streaks and looking more grown up every day.

Maybe it's because I know we'll be in this house for at least the next several years, but I find myself looking at them standing next to the stairs or the window and realizing that, before long, they are going to be much taller, older versions of the little men they are now. That brings tears to my eyes even now.

It seems like only months ago, not years, that we found out we would be parents of twins. I remember my pregnancy with them easily and almost laugh at my early, monthly blog posts that would end with 'We are x/12 of the way through our first year as parents of twins.' At that time we were in survival mode... now I feel like I'm clinging to the days when they rely on us and depend on us because I know that it won't last much longer. In hardly more than double the amount of time that has already passed we'll be sending our boys off to school, and from there, time flies.

It's weird to me that they aren't 'the babies' anymore. Having Garrett around makes me realize just how much changes in such a short amount of time. From the size of their heads, feet and diapers to the pitch of their cry, they change and grow everyday and turn more and more into little boys.

I'm so excited for the days when I can hear them talking about all the things that they are thinking about. I can't wait to hear them say 'I love you Mommy' for the first time or to draw their first picture of our family. But at the same time I will miss and treasure these days too.

Now that I've worked myself into an emotional tizzy thinking about this... it's time to think about something else.

Two year old twins... watch out!