Friday, July 16, 2010

35 Weeks is Still Too Soon

I'm not sure what exactly prompted me to restart the blog yesterday, but it seems like coincidental timing since I had a pretty eventful evening yesterday in L&D.

I had been contracting all day - not very painful, but just tough to breath through contractions - and they started to pick up as the day went on. By the time I laid down to really pay attention, they were coming almost exactly every 5 minutes. I had more than 10 in the hour that I was laying down, so I put a call in to the doctor on call and he told me to go to the hospital. I was have three contractions every 10 minutes, so they called in the Trebutaline and one shot did the trick. Thankfully, the contractions weren't changing my cervix, so all they had to do was knock the frequency down. Charlie is coming back into town tonight from his final training in CT, so that'll make me feel a lot better about the timing of this baby too.

Less than 5 weeks to go! Let the countdown begin : )


Blogless A.R. said...

Oh goodness! Stay in there, little Baby Rascal! Mama needs more time and so do you!

Thinking about you a lot, Beth. Call me during a naptime someday if you'd like...I'll email my phone number.

Becky said...

If you're a blogging loser, I'm a blogging...well I can't think of what (or post it with a clear conscience). I love hearing from you and you post more than anyone I know, so only do this one when you have the energy! Which #3 will take up a little of. :)