Wednesday, July 28, 2010

19 Days and Counting

My induction date is set for two days before my due date: August 16th. That's also the first day that my OB is back from vacation, so if I go into labor on my own, he won't be the one to deliver me. I'm not all that worried about that part though; I met the OB who delivered the boys on the day of delivery too. We have two emergency plans in place for what to do with the boys too: one friend is close to the hospital, the other is close to our house.

I think that most people assume that they are going to go into labor early, but for some reason, I've deluded myself into believing that I'll definitely last until my induction date. Maybe it's because I can hardly imagine having a third child in less than 19 days, or maybe it's because I still have enough to do that cutting down the number of days makes the end of this pregnancy even more daunting.

The line is very blurry in my mind on what needs to be done before the baby comes and what I want to get done before the baby comes.

Some of the NEEDS are obvious: choose a name, call the pedi so he knows a new baby is coming, pack for the hospital, write down the agenda for the boys for whoever is caring for them, install the car seat and move the boys to the back of the van... But some of the WANTS are still pretty important: plan the boys birthday party and get a few presents, organize and unpack a little more of the house, get wall decorations for the nursery...

I feel good these days, which is probably why I don't expect to go into labor any time soon, but I'm 37 weeks today and, let's be honest, any uterus that's held twins before is probably less likely to last until almost 40 weeks with subsequent pregnancies. We have got to get ready!


Blogless A.R. said...

Well, we didn't pick a name until hours after Michael was born, packed for the hospital about 15 minutes before we left (and Andrew had to go back home the next day to collect a few more things), and the car seat got installed in time to bring the baby home. These were all things I WANTED to do before M came, but SURPRISE! And life goes on. :-)

You, my dear, will be just fine, no matter what gets done or doesn't. I'm proud of everything you've managed in the past few months -- don't you dare be hard on yourself for any of these little last-minute details. You've got a plan for the boys and that's all that really matters. :-)