Thursday, November 26, 2009

Temps in the 103s

Unfortunately, I'm not talking about the weather in Arizona. Eli and Owen have both been sick for the last week with cold symptoms - cough and runny nose mostly. Yesterday while we were visiting our dear friend Janice and her family, Eli started acting really weird - clingy, whiny and extremely lethargic. I picked him up and he immediately laid his head on my shoulder... which never happens. He stayed there during our entire visit while Owen was happy as could be collecting rocks outside.

I thought that Eli felt warm, so I took his temperature just to be safe... 101.9. Yikes, we should get home. During the 45 minute drive, Eli slept the whole time even though he had taken a 2 hour nap that afternoon. By the time we got home, his fever was up to 103.1 and he was on fire. We tried giving him a warm bath, which he screamed bloody murder through, enough to make himself throw up in the tub, and then he crashed out when we put him in his crib 45 minutes before bedtime. He slept straight through the night though, which I wasn't expecting.

We called the doctor last night just to be safe and she told us to take him to the ER/Urgent Care if he still has a temp over 100 by tomorrow morning. She also told us that the reason we'd be going was to get him swabbed for swine flu. Awesome. Thankfully, the first symptom of the swine flu is generally a fever, and his didn't break out until a week later, we we're hoping that means we're out of the woods on that one, but it still breaks your heart to see him all flushed and miserable like this.

If you could say a quick prayer for Eli (and Owen since he'll inevitably get whatever Eli has) we would greatly appreciate it. And while you're praying, pray for our friends, the Pauls, and their 1 month old James who just tested positive for swine flu.


Laureen said...

Beth, Jamie had H1N1 and was down with a fever of 103 for about 10 days. Biggest problem was dehydration, so he had IV fluids at Children's. Erin got it too, but because she had taken Tamaflu (she's pregnant) it was only for 2 days. It's scary, but the drs all know what to do. Praying for you. Laureen

Jess said...

Hi Beth,
My 3 year old nephew was diagnosed with swine flu and an ear infection last week and after about 5 days of Tamiflu, antibiotics and Calpol (children's tylenol) he is well down the road of recovery. I hope your boys get well soon.
your cousin,

suzannah said...

oh man! i'm just reading this now, but since you don't say more, i'm assuming the boys are better. sick kiddos are no fun at all!

thanks for your prayers--james is doing great now. he hasn't had a fever since thanksgiving.