Thursday, November 19, 2009

Words Can't Express

These boys... there are no words to describe how in love I am with my babies. They just seem to get cuter every single day - talking more, expressing more and showing more love to me, Charlie and each other.

Here's a couple recent highlights:

  • The boys both just learned how to clap, in fact, Eli learned about 10 minutes ago. Owen has been clapping for a few days now, so when he saw Eli clapping, he started clapping back and before long, they were facing each other, clapping and gigging at each other.
  • Eli's new trick is meowing like a cat, though it comes out more like 'e-ow.' My aunt gave them each a little cat dressed in a costume for Halloween. One meows and the other makes a bouncing noise. Eli picks up the meowing one and says 'e-ow' and picks up the bouncy one and makes him jump in the air as if he's bouncing along with his noisemaker.
  • They both LOVE bananas and ask for them by name every morning. The funny thing is that Owen calls them 'nanas' and Eli calls them 'babas' - so between the two of them, I hear 'baba-nana' every day.
  • When they are tired, they will find their pacis, blankies and/or monkey boy and walk themselves into their room as Owen says 'ni-ni' over and over again.
  • They are obsessed with the Fisher-Price Little People on DVD. If I start singing the theme song, they will both walk over to the TV, pick up the xbox remote, hand it to me and sit down to watch (even if I haven't started it yet!) They start giggling as soon as I say 'Little People?'

There's so much more, but those are a couple highlights that I thought of right off the bat. Twins might be 'double trouble' (as everyone feels the need to point out to us), but they are more than double the joy. We thank God every day for the blessing of Owen and Eli.


Kelly said...

YAY! I love your love for your kiddos! And we often get comments like that too, ("Oh my, you must have your hands full!") but we, too, are overwhelmed with love and gratitude for our 3 little ones. Hope we get to see you all soon! xoxo

theansellfamily said...

aww.. so precious!