Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's Gotta Be Good

One month to go until the boys' first birthday, but less time than that to figure out what their first cake should be. We're celebrating their birthday at the beach with my family the week of August 15-22, so I have to be prepared in just over 2 weeks. Here are a couple we're considering:

I really like the crocodile cake, and thought that making cupcakes and decorating them like beach balls would be fun for smash cakes since we're at the beach. The cars are cute because they are getting more into wheeled vehicles and because they are smaller, but we'd have to make another cake for everyone else to eat since they would wreck these two. I like the pirate for the beachiness too. The barn is a cute concept, but I'm trying to figure out how to theme it better (and pick animals that I would actually like to eat the decorations - no marshmellows or coconut).

We've searched and does anyone know of any other good cake sites that explain how to make the design too (not just show off cool pictures)? What do you think of the options?


Brice said...

I like this one

There are no directions but I'm sure you can figure it out :)

Jill said...