Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm Ready

I mentioned a while back that I was interested in starting another blog. This one will be full of great parenting ideas that I find (in magazines or the real world) or come up with myself. I've been sorting through my stacks of parenting magazines and have a good number of ideas that I'd like to post...


Help! I'm thinking something along the lines of "As They Grow" or "Happy Kids Make a Happy Home"... but I'm not sold on either. Basically the blog will include:

  • Recipes (for any age - family friendly, toddler friendly, happy hour friendly : ))
  • Product Reviews
  • Outing ideas
  • Freebie finds or Community happenings (street fairs, free museum days...)
  • Arts & Crafts ideas
  • Parenting articles (like on homeschooling, cloth diapers, family vacations...)
  • Holiday or Birthday ideas
  • Exercise and Health

Any ideas for a title now? I would love for this to be a 'community project'... afterall, it takes a village, right?! ; ) If you have any ideas for raising kids in a proactive and fun way, pass them along, or (ideally) become a contributor to the blog.

Look for a link to the newest Fox blog soon!


suzannah said...

i thought of The Parent 'Hood or the Mother 'Hood--then emphasizing the village/community/neighborhood vibe, the tag is something like, "the/(your?) place for..." and then all those great family/kid ideas you want the blog to highlight.

i'd like to contribute sometimes, but honestly, these days, i'm barely updating my own blog. we'll see...but i am interested.

good luck getting it all together:)

one thing i've read is that for find-ability, it's best to pick a title that matches the web address--so maybe what is available will help you determine your title.