Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mountain Time Zone Here We Come!

Yesterday delivered the news of Charlie's next rotation: Scottsdale Arizona!

He and I both really thought that we'd get Atlanta. Not for any particular reason, but we both just had a feeling that that's where we'd be. So much so that I was already planning trips to the peach orchards this summer and all the cobblers and pies that would results from said trips. Oh Atlanta, how I was looking forward to you.

But it was not to be for this upcoming six months. Instead, we'll be trading Tex Mex food for real Mexican food and braving the 100 degree days (but it's a dry heat!). Scottsdale is practically brand new (especially when compared to anywhere in the East) and we're within 3-4 hours of the Grand Canyon, if you're looking for a vacation destination!

Within the next month, we'll already be out of Dallas, which is just crazy because it feels like we just got here! I'll update you with prayer requests as we get closer to packing up and moving, as I'm sure there will be plenty to pray about between changing time zones, figuring out what we need until our things arrive, layovers and getting through the two weeks that Charlie is in CT for training while I'm in Pittsburgh playing the role of a single mom.

By the way, we're coming to Pittsburgh! Tentative dates are ~June 27th-July 20th, but there's a little give on both sides. We can't wait to see as many of you as possible!


suzannah said...

yay for pgh visits! jim has family in scotsdale, and they love it. we'll be praying.