Saturday, May 30, 2009

9 / 12

We are officially on the move, and are quickly realizing just how much babyproofing needs to occur before two boys (who are usually moving in opposite directions) can have the run of the house. I think we took it for granted all these months that we could leave a book or the laptop or a hot cup of tea on the floor and it would be right there where we left it when we came back. Not anymore! It seems that the things they absolutely can't touch are the things they go for the fastest. I'll bet every other mom reading this knows exactly what I'm talking about!

A few stats from this month:

  • Owen and Eli are weighing 18 and 17 pounds respectively. Official 9 month weigh in is on June 9th, with percentile updates.
  • Visitors this month: we visited Matt, Julie and Samantha McHale (Matt was Charlie's roommate in college) in San Antonio
  • Milestones: Owen says Dada and Eli says Mama and baba, sitting up unsupported for long periods of time, laughing at each other, crawling, cutting teeth
  • New foods: egg yolks, noodles, black beans, pasta salad, pizza crust, pieces of chicken
  • Challenges this month: keeping two mobile boys away from everything that isn't baby-proofed!, Owen's phase of sticking his tongue out the second you put a spoonful of babyfood in his mouth
  • Current favorite toys: anything they aren't supposed to touch! The laptop, kleenex boxes, diapers, remotes...
  • Owen: started crawling backwards on 5.12, can rock back and forth on his hands and knees, cut his first tooth on 5.14 - the bottom left, cut the second bottom tooth on 5.21, started crawling forward on 5.20 and started sitting from laying on his belly on 5.29. He's also starting to do a few yoga moves, namely Downward Dog!
  • Eli: started army crawling on 5.12, cut his first and second teeth (both on the bottom) on 5.20
  • Interactions: Eli's new favorite thing is sucking on Owen's hair. He'll power his way across the floor, hold Owen's head in both hands and lick most of his hair, covering him in drool. It's so gross, but Owen doesn't seem to mind it!
  • Big Deals This Month: finding out that we're moving to Scottsdale (and trying to figure out how to work with three time zone changes in a month!)

We are 9/12 of the way through our first year as parents of twins!


Kelly said...

YAY! But yeah, that whole licking Owen's hair and face thing sounds totally gross :) Must be real love those boys have for each other! Well, they will definitely keep you busy now, as if they didn't before! Praying for you with the big move!! xoxo