Wednesday, April 15, 2009

SNAPSHOT: 7 1/2 Months

On our way home from Big Bend, Charlie and I created a list describing each of the boys individually and together. We're always asked if they have similar personalities or if they 'accomplish' things at the same time, and we realized that the answer is yes and no. We wanted to start this series of blog posts though, so we could remember this time right now years down the road. Enjoy!


  • Love breakfast most of all - any fruit, any time
  • Mess with each other when you're within arms reach - hitting in the face, pinching, kicking - and hate when the other one does it to you!
  • Love the shapes and colors Baby Einstein toy and can turn it on by yourself
  • Play with your paci as a toy and can make a *pop!* sound with it
  • Choose to play and chew on rings over any other toy
  • Like my homemade baby food way better than the store bought of the same flavor
  • Frequently are awakened because of 'binky in/under the neck' troubles
  • Kick your feet and legs when you're eating something you really like
  • Suck on your toes, even in the car seat
  • Arch your back to be picked up when you're unbuckled from the car seat
  • Try to roll during diaper changes but are easily distracted if we give you a toy to hold
  • Eat 2 times per day and nurse 4 times per day
  • Like orange veggies (squash, sweet potatoes, carrots) much better than green ones (beans, peas)
  • Wear 6-9 month clothes and size 2 diapers


  • Make a low 'aaahhhhh' sing-song noise when you're playing or riding in the car
  • Roll both directions (belly to back and back to belly) but it took you longer to roll at all
  • Sit without support longer
  • Make 'mm mm mmmmm' noises when you want more puffs or another bite of food
  • Tolerate hats (probably because of wearing the helmet)
  • Urgently look left to right when you're carried or sitting on a lap - you don't want to miss anything!
  • Suck your thumb
  • Have more sensitive skin, especially on your face
  • Spin in circles in your sleep
  • Immediately roll onto your side in the crib when you're tired
  • Suck on the satin on the back of Puppy
  • Love the exersaucer and can play in it much longer than Eli
  • Giggle more when tickled
  • Rub your feet together when you're mad or crying
  • Hate wearing socks
  • Have a pseudo mohawk - much longer hair on top than the sides
  • Need to cuddle when you wake up from a nap and want to sit on my lap before playing
  • Start to pant when you're about to nurse


  • Have a high pitched squeal and yell for more puffs or another bite of food
  • LOVE the jumper and look like a little frog bouncing in it
  • Roll mostly to your belly, but you're starting to roll to your back
  • Sleep on your belly all the time
  • Nurse with your arm reaching up to put your hand on my mouth
  • HATE peas... with a passion
  • Still fit 3-6 month clothes, but wear 6-9 month
  • Hate hats and pull at them until they come off
  • Arch your back in the tub to send tidal waves of water over Owen's head
  • Hold Owen's hand in the highchair
  • Spin in circles when you're on your belly so you can get to all the toys
  • Smile right before you puke
  • Turn on your fish mobile with your feet
  • Put your fingers in your mouth as soon as a spoonful of babyfood goes in
  • Say 'boo' while crying
  • Don't like the exersaucer for as long as Owen because your feet start to hurt from the ridges you stand on
  • HATE getting your nose sucked out and start screaming as soon as you see the aspirator


  • Babyfood: Pears, Applesauce, Peaches, Plums, Bananas, Sweet Potatoes, Squash, Green Beans, Peas, Oatmeal, Rice, YoBaby Yogurt
  • Finger food: Club Crackers, Graham Crackers, Banana, Blueberries, Kiwi, Toast, Waffles, Mandarin Oranges, Cheerios, Puffs

So there you have it! Owen and Eli, 7 1/2 months old!


suzannah said...

it will be good to look back and remember:)

eli looks so much like charlie in that picture!

Becky said...

Fantastic idea! I think I'll steal it and do something similar for Jack...