Monday, March 30, 2009

7 / 12

We're on the fast track to the one-year birthday. Time just seems to be flying by - especially since Owen and Eli are doing so much more and seem to grow up just a tiny bit more every day.

A few stats from this month:

  • Owen and Eli (for the very first time) are weighing approximately the same amount - about 16 pounds - this is just using our bathroom scale though, and we're positive that Owen still weighs more
  • Visitors this month: Georgi was on the calendar but we had to reschedule because I was so sick, so none : (
  • Milestones: Owen graduating from his helmet, Eli rolling on his own from his back to his belly, starting solids (fruits and veggies) and puffs, Owen sitting unassisted, Eli loving the jumper (Owen, not so much), riding in the swing together at the park
  • New Foods: Applesauce, sweet potatoes, pears, green beans, peaches, bananas, squash, kiwi and oatmeal
  • Challenges this month: my stomach flu that lasted a week and required IV fluids, both boys had horrible colds and fevers (as a result, I think, of taking them to the pediatrician's office for their six month well visit), attempting to feed less often in the middle of the night (we're down to only once!)
  • Item(s) I can't live without: Puffs! Any flavor or brand will do... now if they could just get them in their mouths themselves!
  • Big Deals This Month: neither boy has a hearing problem!, Owen slept from7am-7pm (once, but still!), successfully making my own babyfood and LOVING doing it! I've made everything they've tried except green beans and bananas, but I've also made plums, carrots and blueberries, which they haven't tried yet. I'm so proud of the stay-at-home-mom-skills I'm acquiring!

We are 7/12 of the way through our first year as parents of twins!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy it Beth! I really loved the 7month to one year phase. So much fun. I know I always felt super good about making my own babyfood also...I remember more than once thinking my boys were bigger when they got up then they were when I put them to bed. Now we are trying to survive the terrible twos times two......biggest issue, "copy-cat crimes"...

Take care,