Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Finally Ready for 2009

I know, I know, I'm about 4 months too late, but I just got caught up on my scrapbook for the boys through the end of 2008, which makes me officially ready to start the New Year. I love it when people look through my scrapbooks, but since we're in Texas and most of you are unlikely to see it in person, I thought I'd showcase some of the many pages that I've been working on lately. A bit 'show and telly,' I know, but humor me : )

For the opening page, I wove blue and green paper together (for their signature colors) and added their weights and times as stats. Time intensive, yes, but I love how it turned out.

Growing & Glowing: my baby-baby belly

Since the boys were born on August 30th, I thought the easiest way to scrapbook would be by months. Each month takes up about 5-6 pages and highlights the "Stats and Stories" of each month's happenings.

Little Ones to Him Belong: their baptism at Bellefield over Thanksgiving

Blankies... Don't leave HoHoHome Without Them!

Caution: Head Shaping in Progress - the story of Owen's helmet


Anonymous said...

Beth, your pages are beautiful! I love them! I love to scrapbook, too, so I know how much you put into them. Outstanding!
Erin Stehle Peterson

Anonymous said...

Based on the progress of my scrapbooks, I'm ready to go off to Cal Poly or move to PA!

Nice work on these...they look great.


P.S. My word verification is "groomp." Is that like a grouchy man at his wedding?

Becky said...

4 months late?!?!? Try 2 years!!! You inspired me to set up a scrap station in my office. I've only managed 2 hours so far, but it's the effort that counts, right? I love your pages!