Monday, February 02, 2009

That's a Wrap!

It's not often that something I'm eating draws me to blog, but I have to admit that I was in food heaven while eating lunch yesterday and I had to share.

Garden Veggie Wrap
1 burrito sized tortilla wrap
Garden veggie or plain cream cheese (spread a thin layer over the tortilla)
Fresh spinach
Green peppers
Black olives
Muenster cheese
Black forest ham (I added this extra, obviously not part of a 'veggie' wrap)

It was fantastic! Paired with homemade Chicken and Rice soup (my first soup attempt ever and it turned out GREAT!) or a fruit salad and you've got a meal with tons of food groups included. Quick, easy and delicious - you can't ask for more!


suzannah said...

yum. i love avocado on a sandwich:)

Janet said...

Sounds good, Beth -- gotta eat healthy for those growing boys!