Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'm 28?!

When did that happen!? After reading Suzannah's post on roasting an entire chicken, I realized that I feel very much the same as she does... I'm just a kid!

  • I prefer pop tarts over healthy cereals
  • I eat sour patch kids like they are going out of style
  • My favorite store is Old Navy
  • I prefer Scrubs, Grey's Anatomy and Chuck over anything even remotely intellectual on TV
  • My idea of a good read is a magazine
  • With my bangs, I look like I'm in my late teens, not late twenties
    [I'm in my late 20s?!]
  • I waste quarters on gumball machines
  • I still say 'I have to pee'
  • I prefer pop over water and fruit snacks over vegetables

Let's face it: There's nothing grown up about me other than the fact that I have two babies to take care of. I have to admit that I walked out of the hospital with the boys thinking 'they are crazy for letting me take these babies home with me! I'm just a kid myself!' Does everyone go through this realization that, while they might still feel predominantly like a child, their age betrays the truth? On that note, should we aim to lose our childLIKEness like we aim to lose our childISHness? Maybe that's a little too deep for this post...

This list is no where near complete, but in the upcoming 2 years (before I'm 30?!) I want to work on the following:

  • clipping coupons
  • flossing daily
  • using 'anti-aging' cream on my face
  • buying a grown up purse
  • writing more letters
  • cooking more using recipes
  • grocery shopping with a purpose and specific meals in mind
  • and I want to roast an entire chicken too!

Baby steps though... I'll start with roasting my chicken nuggets : )


suzannah said...

so funny! i totally am starting to feel self-conscious shopping in the juniors sections/teen stores, too.

for the record, your list notwithstanding, i think you're pretty grown-up, because you are one of the most capable, motivated people i know. you refinished a whole house!

have you seen those 101 in 1001 lists of things to accomplish in so many days? i'm not usually a listmaker, but it kind of appeals to me...and if i do it, i'll totally put "roast a chicken" on it just so i can cross it off;)