Friday, January 30, 2009

5 / 12

Another month has come and gone... and this was a fun one! So much smiling and now laughing to boot - these boys provide us with so much joy! As I type right now, I can hear Eli talking to himself in the crib as Owen sleeps soundly next to him. The chattering is so much fun to hear, especially when they 'talk back' to you. They are also getting better at imitating, like if I stick my tongue out, they will often times stick theirs out at me. Both boys are very good at telling stories and have quite the singing voice too : )

A few stats for this month:

  • Owen weighs 15 pounds as of today
  • Eli weighs 14 pounds as of today
  • Visitors this month: Elise, Blake and Asher in Connecticut and Janet in Dallas
  • Milestones: self-pacifying with fists, first laughs for Owen (1.29.09) and Eli (1.30.09), getting through the first month of Owen's helmet, rolling from belly to back unassisted, hand-mouth coordination with toys, eliminating the need for swaddling
  • Challenges this month: moving to Dallas with 4 month olds, finding a new church and trying to meet new friends, babies who kick each other awake, Owen contracting RSV and both boys needing breathing treatments, the revisiting of thrice nightly feeding sessions : (
  • Item(s) I can't live without: my newly stocked freezer of food (thanks Janet!), the boys' blankies, the crib separator
  • Big Deals this month: getting through 12 days daddyless, going outside without coats on!
We are 5 / 12 of the way to making it through our first year as parents of twins!


suzannah said...

they're laughing! isn't that the best sound in the world?