Monday, October 27, 2008

Patient in Affliction, Faithful in Prayer

I just found a new blog and have spent the last hour crying my eyes out over a mother, father and child that I have never met. Isaac Timothy was born on October 7th, the original due date of our boys, and lasted in this world for 16 minutes. The blog is written primarily by Stacy, the mother, and includes the painful diagnosis of her son and the months, weeks, days and hours leading up to his birth. She wrote letters to her son telling him how proud she was of him, how much she loved him, and how blessed she was to have the chance to be his mommy.

There is a section of the blog that includes the letters. They are written daily to Isaac including the day he was born, then the letters stop for about 2 weeks while, presumably, she attends the funeral and grieves the loss of her son. The letter written on October 18 breaks my heart, yet makes me feel so inadequate as both a mother and a Christian. She is so brave. So strong. So patient and faithful. NO ONE should have to go through what Stacy and Spencer went through. No one. Yet through it all, she praises God for the chance to know him even for a few minutes and the blessing to meet him again in Heaven some day.

I can't say that I would have anywhere near the strength that Stacy has. She is inspiring, and truly puts a personal story to the fact that we're supposed to "hold our children loosely." God can choose to take any of our children at any time. Each day is a gift. Each minute, even the challenging ones. Praise God that we were blessed with two healthy, wonderfully made children!

This first link is Stacy's blog, the second is the link to her letters written to Isaac. When you have a minute, read through them, then stop and send up a prayer of thanksgiving for the blessings you have in life.