Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Diagnosis

I took the boys to their first physical therapy appointment today. Eli is doing great and is tracking along just like he should. His muscle movement is right where it should be and she's pleased with is improvements. Owen, on the other hand, needs to come back once a week. Once a week! His neck muscles on the right side are very tight and bulge out of his neck a tiny bit. There are a bunch of stretches that we are supposed to do five times a day. Unfortunately, as she was showing me the stretches, Owen was screaming his head off.... to the point of sweating. He hates it, and I have to do it five times a day. I'm sure that as he loosens up it'll get easier on both of us, but for now, this is a big homework assignment! He has developed a flat spot on the side of his head though, which she promises me will round out once he has better mobility in his neck, so that's my incentive right now.

The one downer of the appointment was that she said that we should go by their 'corrected age' for all milestone achievements. That means that even though they are a little over 8 weeks, we should treat them as 3 weekers when it comes to expectations for activity. I was hoping that a smile would come any day now (since they usually smile between 6-8 weeks) but it sounds like we still have a while to go. Hopefully they'll surprise me!

I was there for almost two hours by myself with the boys. Thank goodness I had enough good sense to thaw out some milk to bring with me because they both chugged down their bottles while we were there. Hopefully the weekly appointments will go a little faster and smoother than this first evaluation did.


mom2drew said...

Well, I just had to stop by and "meet" you myself! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and your kind comment. I've spent the last 20 minutes or so reading your blog entries (at least what's still showing on the main page). I'm so intrigued and amazed... life with twin boys - WOW! You sound so genuinely excited to be experiencing life with these blessings! I can't wait to read more... and I'm headed over to the 365 one now to see pics!

suzannah said...

i pray little owen loosens up and cooperates:)

smiles will come!

Anonymous said...

Is there any chance that the therapist makes house calls? The two sets of twins I've taken care of who needed PT and OT were/are visited in the home, even if only one of the twins needs the special attention. Or maybe you like getting out of the house periodically. :-)

I think about your guys often and love seeing the pics. Keep up the awesome blogging!