Thursday, October 30, 2008

2 / 12

It seems like just a few days ago that I was blown away by the fact that our boys were already a month old... and here they are TWO months old! I'm sure I'll say this many more times over, but it really is true what they say - the days are long but the years fly by. I know we haven't hit anywhere near the year mark, but two months have come and gone and I can't believe how fast they have passed by.

A few stats from this month:

  • At one month, Owen weighed 7-1 - he is now 10-4!
  • At one month, Eli weighed 5-10 - he is now 8-11!
  • Visitors this month: Erick, Toni, Kelly, Jenn and we visited Grandma Fox and Uncle Dan in Lancaster
  • Milestones: making eye contact and holding it, sleeping for 6 hours in a row at night, Owen moving into Size 1 diapers, being cured of thrush
  • Total number of feeding sessions: 758 (I'm not obsessive compulsive, I swear! If I didn't keep track of when they ate I would lose my mind, so it's easy to count)
  • Item(s) I can't live without: Fisher Price vibrating chairs and cable TV ; )

We are 2/12 of the way to making it through our first year as parents of twins!


Benjamin, Kelly, Madelyn, & Anderson said...

I think my computer ate my first comment :)

ANyway, Happy 2 months!!! YAY! And I know, its impossible to keep track of when they ate--I kept a little book full of that info for the first few months!