Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Things You Can't Buy

I have come to the conclusion that the best things in life are the things you can't buy. I would challenge everyone who reads this blog to think about the best things in their life and to contribute your list if you feel so inclined. I'm going to post my Top 20 (in no particular order), though there are so many more than that. Feel free to comment with your list too!

  1. The grace and love of Jesus
  2. Having a baby hold on to your fingers and look into your eyes as you feed him
  3. Other people's blogs
  4. The perfect combination of tea, milk & sugar on a cool fall day
  5. Getting the morning 'off' to sleep in while Charlie takes care of the boys
  6. Car ride conversations - hours of uninterrupted time to talk
  7. The Food Network... I love it!
  8. New friends who care enough to make more than one meal after the babies were born
  9. The noises that babies make when they sleep
  10. Getting an unexpected 'I'm thinking of you' card or email
  11. The library - who wouldn't love free books and movies!?
  12. Friends and family who sacrifice their own vacation time to spend time with us in CT
  13. Sausage stuffed banana peppers and cornbread!
  14. Community events... from movies in the park to concerts to storefront trick-or-treating
  15. Parenting magazines that give ideas to turn me into a fantastic stay at home mom
  16. Healthy babies who gain weight and develop just like they should
  17. A husband who willingly gets up in the middle of the night to change diapers before each feeding session
  18. The smells of each season: cinnamon, leaves, fireplaces and apples in the fall; snow, peppermint and pine in the winter; tulips, grass, rain and strawberries in the spring and salt water, watermelon, blueberries and sunscreen in the summer
  19. An unrushed HOT shower
  20. Being on the same page as your spouse on the biggest life decisions and issues

I could go on - and I love reflecting on things like this because it helps me to refocus and appreciate the little things in life - but I'll stop now and hope to hear from you on your 'Best Things in Life' (even if you don't list 20!)


Becky said...

I'm going to try that stuffed banana pepper recipe - yum!