Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our Growing Boys

We had our first pediatrician appointment today and most things are looking pretty good. The great news is that both boys have put on quite a few ounces - Eli is now up to 4-13 and Owen is 5-13. The both left the hospital 5-6 ounces less than they weighed today. Granted, they are both still too small even for their newborn-sized clothes, but that just means they'll get more wear out of them than the typical baby would. Works for me - they have some really cute stuff!

The only piece of bad news was that Eli has thrush, so we had to get him a prescription for that. He doesn't seem to mind it, but 4 times per day for at least 10 days seems like a lot to add to an already hectic day. Somehow, Owen managed to avoid getting it, but we're fully prepared to start him on the same medication within the next day or so. I don't see how he couldn't get it.

We have another appointment October 1 to check their weight again, but I'm much less concerned going forward about their growing ability than I was for this appointment. One day, and one ounce, at a time.


Benjamin, Kelly, Madelyn, & Anderson said...

Glad the boys are growing! Oh, yuck on the thrush though--both of my kids had it, and with Maddie--I got it too. Hopefully the meds will kick in soon :) xoxo